Developing high level applications involving signal processing and control algorithms requires a high level of visibility of internal variables. eFFiScope gives access to the internal variables very efficiently in two ways: it allows to view static tables and to capture time varying signals that are not statically present in a table.

eFFiScope is the ideal companion of eFFiShell/eFFiRemoteShell. It is a light scope that has been designed to give a high level of visibility of variables with a strong focus on the features presented below: 

  • Light and simple: code only requires a small amount of memory and processing time.
  • Modular: it can be linked to an existing application with only a few lines of code and is therefore integrated in less that half an hour. Communication with the host only requires one menu line to be added in eFFiShell.

  • Reduced learning curve: mastering eFFiScope takes less than one hour.
  • Ease of programming: watching new variables requires one line of code.

  • Self documented use philosophy: opening the scope immediately shows what is possible and requires no memory effort for the user thanks to a self discovery feature.

  • Fast: during debugging phase, the ease of access to variables is essential. If more than one step is required to “see” variables, this is already too much. eFFiScope gives a very quick access to variables without unnecessary steps.
  • Scalable: the number of channels can be dynamically (without recompilation) changed to use the available memory in the most efficient way.
  • Portable: has already been tested on many hardware platforms without porting effort.
  • Native support of many types up to 64 bits floats.

  • Sampling instants and triggers can be extended with user’s defined functions.