Development of embedded software requires a high visibility of real time variables. Classical debuggers partially solve this problem. Some area makes these debugger useless when strong constraints are present: when break point are forbidden, when an electrically isolated connection is required and in harsh environments when an electrical connection to the processor board is unreliable.

  • Light and simple: code only requires a small amount of memory and processing time.
  • Modular: it can be linked to an existing application with only a few lines of code and is therefore integrated in less that half an hour.
  • Versatile: connection to the host (computer, tablet or smart-phone) can be any serial port (RS232, USB, Bluetooth…)
  • Reduced learning curve: mastering eFFiShell takes less than one hour.
  • Ease of programming: adding new menus and variables watches require a minimum number of code lines.
  • Self documented use philosophy: opening the shell immediately shows what is possible and requires no memory effort for the user.

  • Scriptable: when several commands have to be sent to a target device routinely, they can be written in a file with simple syntax and sent automatically.
  • Portable: eFFiShell has already been tested on many hardware platforms.